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The Helping Hands Fund

The Hope Woodward-Ginther and Norma Ginther Helping Hands Fund

The Hope Woodward-Ginther and Norma Ginther Helping Hands Fund, created in 2020, is accepting gifts to honor Hope and Norma on behalf of their work for and with children.

The Ginther Family has a long and affectionate relationship with North Broadway Children’s Center dating nearly 50 years. Some of Norma’s children and grandchildren, Hope’s father and uncle, aunt, and cousins attended NBCC for preschool and Kindergarten. Hope’s Aunt is a teacher at NBCC and Hope taught at the school as well.

Norma spent her career as an advocate for children and she and her husband served as foster parents to over 50 youth. Hope was following in her grandmother’s stead pursuing a career in education/social work and had already impacted the lives of students in Honduras and at NBCC. Both of these women demonstrated a love of children and a desire to do everything in their power to make the lives of those children as full of love as possible.

The purpose of this Fund will provide support on an emergency basis for unexpected and unmanageable expenses for students/families as well as teachers of NBCC. Please help us honor their memory, while helping our families in need of assistance, by donating to this most important Helping Hands Fund. All donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to apply for hardship assistance, please send an email to our Board of Directors with your request…

Norma Ginther and Hope Woodward-Ginther