North Broadway Children's Center

Wonder Room

Wonder Room

The Wonder Room is a full time preschool classroom with ages ranging from 3 to 5 years old.

General Information

We can guarantee that your child will have great time learning through play, exploration and experimentation in the Wonder Room. Mistakes and messes make these experiences more rich and educational. Please send your child in loose, comfortable play clothes. This promotes their independence and sets them up for success in any given situation that may arise.

Classroom Language

Please check the NBCC parent handbook for helpful examples of the language we use. One important example is that we do not apologize. Many children between ages 3-5 do not understand the concept of a genuine apology. Instead we “check on our friends,” so the child takes responsibility for their actions and the other child has the opportunity to express themselves.


Non-Nappers is a program for children 4 and over who have outgrown their nap. Resting is a requirement for all children. If your child is a non-napper, he/she will rest quietly on their cot from 12:45-2 PM and then go to another room to do quiet activities from 2-3 PM. Children who fall asleep will not be awakened to go to non-nappers and will be allowed to sleep until 3 PM.

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Dry-Erase Boards

These whiteboards provide a brief summary of what the Wonder Room kids do in the classroom each day and through nap times. They are located next to the door on the shelf above coat hooks.

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KidReports App

Often our Wonder-kids are doing adorable things as they learn and grow. We love sharing photos of those experiences. Our families are part of KidReports that allow us to share photos and text messages to and from our families.

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Information Packet

Our Wonder room information packet provides all of the necessary material you need to know about our room, whether enrolling a new child or needing to review our program.