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Honeybee Room

Honeybee Room

The Honeybees are a full time birth-to-three classroom with ages ranging from 6 weeks to 36 months.


The Honeybee Room believes in a play-based curriculum where we enhance the children’s learning with daily special activities designed to meet specific interests and developmental stages. Our activities fall into three major categories: Body – which includes gross motor/large muscle activities; Mind – which includes hand-eye coordination, fine motor development, sensory, and literacy ideas; and Spirit – which encourages social and personal development.

We promote teacher-child communication, as well as language development, through the use of simple sign language. Signs such as “more”, “all done”, “stop” and “help” enable the children to communicate their needs, even though they may not have the words to tell us.

On top of all this, we offer a loving, nurturing environment, where our infants can come to learn, grow and enjoy!

Food & Diet

Isomil formula is provided, as well as rice cereal and jar baby food (used only after introduced by the family). You are welcome to provide your own food if a special formula, type of food or breast milk is used. As the child grows into eating a regular diet, we provide freshly prepared family-style meals and snacks, served at a low table, right in the infant room.


As a team we meet each week for one hour to plan activities for the following week. We work very hard to provide your child with meaningful experiences that are developed from their interests as well as regular exposure to new ideas. Our planning sheet is posted outside the door of the classroom for parents to view the domains we work on regularly.

Please be prepared that your child may be a little messy some of the days when you pick them up, as we are regularly exploring some wet/messy sensory or art ideas. This is evidence of a great day of exploration! We use washable paint and markers on a regular basis, as well as crayons, chalk, water color, and sandbox play. We explore many different sensory ideas and we get the children ready by dressing them in bibs, smocks, or temporarily removing clothing (children will have a diaper on at all times during these experiences).


We use a “Parent Board” in our hallway where we post announcements, schedules, articles and our weekly activity plan. We also make use of a whiteboard to share your child’s daily experiences. Each child has a mailbox labeled with your child’s name. Don’t forget to check it frequently for art work and other mail. Current Honeybee art work and pictures can also be found on display in the hall. We update them as often as we can!

On your child’s daily sheet you will find a written activity or interaction they had that day. The Honeybee teachers also put together portfolios for each child where you will find photo documentation gathered from their entire stay in the Honeybee room. These portfolios are completed and given to each family after your child transitions out of the Honeybee room.

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Remind App

We use the Remind App for iOS to communicate with our families. It’s a safe, secure, and simple way to be able to share messages and communicate.

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Information Packet

Our Honeybee information packet provides all of the necessary material you need to know about our room, whether enrolling a new child or how a process works.

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