North Broadway Children's Center


About North Broadway

Our Mission

North Broadway Children’s Center is committed to offering high quality child care and education to all children and families, regardless of race, faith, creed, national origin, economic status, disability, or family composition. Our play-based program provides a developmentally appropriate environment, respects each child as an individual, and encourages their natural curiosity of learning.

Our Vibrant History

NBCC was started in 1954 as an outreach ministry of North Broadway United Methodist Church. Since that time, NBCC – with the support of the church – has grown from a one classroom part time preschool to the many programs that we offer now.

Long committed to providing high-quality child care and education, NBCC had been accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) since 1986. We have also been part of Ohio’s Step Up To Quality program since taking part in their pilot program in 2005, and have achieved five-star status.

Teaching Philosophy

Our beliefs about the people in our center

WE BELIEVE in the dignity and worth of each child, therefore, we provide a loving, respectful, play-based environment that nurtures the body, mind and spirit of each child.

WE BELIEVE in the dignity and worth of each family, therefore, we strive to support and complement the family as we nurture the healthy development of each child.

WE BELIEVE in the dignity and worth of each teacher, therefore, we nurture each capable and caring teacher with appropriate financial and professional support.

WE BELIEVE in the connectedness of our lives, therefore, we nurture relationships within our center, the church and the community.

Our beliefs about early childhood education

WE BELIEVE that young children learn through their play, therefore, we offer many opportunities for them to play and explore their world.

WE BELIEVE children are capable and competent learners, therefore, we offer a curriculum that is based on their individual and group interests and development.

WE BELIEVE in supporting children to become their own individuals, therefore, we let the children work as independently as possible to solve social conflicts and grow socially, giving them the tools they need to succeed.

WE BELIEVE in helping children learn and build on their knowledge, therefore, we work with the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards to help support and document their growth.

WE BELIEVE in being actively engaged with children in their play ideas to support and enhance their learning, therefore, we intentionally create meaningful interactions and conversations with children during their play.