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Koala Room

Koala Room

The Koala Room is a full time classroom with ages ranging from 0 months to 3 years old.


The Koala teachers engage children in developmentally appropriate experiences that stimulate a child’s mind, body and spirit. Through play based experiences, children gather information about the world in which they live, interpret it, and then act upon it for further exploration. Most importantly, your child will be nurtured, respected, and treated as a valued member of our community.

Teaching Philosophy

The teachers bring with them experience and knowledge of child development, a love of literature, and an appreciation for the environment (both physical and emotional) as a key component of your child’s experience.

Weekly Planning

As a team we meet each week for one hour to plan activities for the following week. We work very hard to provide your child with meaningful experiences that are developed from their interests as well as regular exposure to new ideas. Our planning sheet is posted outside the door of the classroom for parents to view the domains we work on regularly.

Seasonal Supplies

In the Summer we explore water play twice a week! We run through a sprinkler, splash in a water table and squirt water bottles. Send in a swimsuit, towel and water shoes (or other plastic footwear) At the end of the week, we will send these items home to be washed and returned for another week of water play!

In the Winter we go outside as long as the wind chill is above 20°. Each day send seasonally appropriate clothing in with your child. Specifically each child needs: a warm coat, hat, mittens/gloves and boots for snowy days.

For rainy days we will go outside and explore the sprinkles as long as it is not raining too hard. Please send in a raincoat and rain boots for these wet days.

Watch our Cuddly Koalas learn!

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These whiteboards provide a brief summary of what the Koalas do in the classroom each day and through naptimes. They are located next to the door on the shelf above coat hooks.

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Information Packet

Our Koala information packet provides all of the necessary material you need to know about our room, whether enrolling a new child or how a process works.