North Broadway Children's Center

Rainbow Room

Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is a full time preschool classroom with ages ranging from 3 years to 5 years old.


The Rainbow room strives to create a loving, home-like environment where children can feel free to learn and explore.

The Rainbow teachers plan activities through emergent curriculum – focusing on the children’s interests. Like other classrooms at NBCC, the Rainbows’ activities nurture the mind, body and spirit. The Rainbow room focuses on independence, individuality and taking care of and respecting others. Some of the activity centers include woodworking, blocks, a playdough/flubber table, a writing center, housekeeping/dressup, puzzles/math manipulatives, an art center, a science space and sensory table.

Field Trips

We try to plan field trips as often as possible. This is always an opportunity for parent participation. Accompanying parents really make field trips possible. Below are some guidelines for field trips that we ask you to follow:

  • Vans are parked directly in front of the building on the morning of the field trip with a sign telling you which van your child will ride in.
  • Please secure your child’s labeled car seat in the proper van. We prefer the car seats face the front so that we can get to them easier.
  • For your child’s safety and state law, please remember that children must be in a regular car seat until they are 40 pounds and four years old.

Our Rainbows shine!

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Potty Training

Sometimes when children start in the Rainbow room, they have not yet mastered the potty. In such cases, we make a plan with the parent(s) to get the child using the potty. There is more information in our Information Packet about how we help the child with this.