North Broadway Children's Center

Private Kindergarten

Private Kindergarten

NBCC’s Private Kindergarten is open to children turning five by December 1st. We meet all ODE standards for Kindergarten.


We are happy to welcome you to our private Kindergarten, for an exciting year of growth in your child’s life. The room is made up of ~19 children who will be turning five years old by December 1st. Keeping in mind each child’s unique qualities and interests, the Kindergarten incorporates developmentally appropriate activities while promoting an increased independence in your child. Their time at North Broadway Children’s Center will further their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills.

Our Environment

The Kindergarten is divided into several areas that help promote child development and uphold the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards. While the room arrangement may occasionally change, the purpose of each space remains the same – to nurture the children’s interests and support their ideas and existing knowledge, and encourage learning through play and exploration.

Some Kindergarten Areas

• Art space• Book space
• Manipulatives• Light table
• Block space• Discovery table
• Sensory Table• Calming space
• Homeliving• Writing Table
• Woodworking• Playdoh/Flubber table

Licensing Policies

All sleep items must be stored in a plastic bag on the cots for sanitary reasons. We recommend a travel size pillow to allow for easy and safe cot storage to adhere to licensing regulations.

Teachers who are on the phone are not counted as in ratio. This means that teachers may not take phone calls or return calls until the entire teaching team is present. Emails and messages left with the office will be returned promptly.

Special occasion treats must be store bought and in their original packaging. We no longer allow homemade treats such as cupcakes, brownies, cookies, etc. for birthdays or other celebrations. Instead, we encourage healthy eating choices. Please see a teacher if you need help thinking of a healthy alternative.

Our Kindergarteners Learn Through Play

Kindergarten Room 2:

Kindergarten Room 1:

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Nut-Free Zone

NBCC is a nut free zone due to the severity of peanut and tree nut allergies in children. Please be sure to avoid sending products with peanuts, peanut butter and tree nuts even on field trip days.

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Classroom Electronics

Drop off and pick up time is an important time when teachers can meet with you and talk about your child’s day. We would greatly appreciate that cell phones remain off during these times.

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Information Packet

Our information packet provides all of the necessary material you need to know about our room, whether enrolling a new child or reviewing a room policy.