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Puddle Jumper Room

Puddle Jumper Room

The Puddle Jumper Room is a full time preschool classroom

with ages ranging from 3 to 5 years old.


The Puddle Jumper room is designed to meet the developmental needs and interests of children 3-5 years of age. We offer open-ended, age appropriate activities and encourage the children to explore the environment at their own pace and interest level. The classroom environment is designed to be an inviting, home-like space where the children can interact with and explore hands-on, real life materials.

The curriculum is based on children’s interests and fosters the mind, body and spirit of each child. Our teaching team plans activities through observation, communication and conversations with the children. Classroom interests may range from an individual idea or from the group as a whole. Because the environment and curriculum are based upon the children’s interests and/or developmental needs, specific classroom areas may be altered in order to meet those needs.

Teaching Philosophy

We help your child have great time learning through play, exploration, and experimentation in the Puddle Jumper Room. Mistakes and messes make these experiences more rich and educational. Please send your child in loose, comfortable play clothes. This promotes their independence and sets them up for success in any given situation that may arise. Additional information can be found in our Parent Packet at the bottom of this page.

Home Toys

**During Covid, we are not allowing Home Toys to be brought in, but they will resume once things have returned to normal**

Children are welcome to bring ONE toy from home every Monday, after the weekends. We have found that by limiting home toys to just one day, children spend more time exploring the materials in the classroom. Books and puzzles are the exception to this rule. Children are allowed to bring a book OR puzzle in any day of the week. We ask that you limit books and puzzles to one at a time. Please make sure that any books or toys brought from home are labeled with their name. We also ask that when bringing in home toys you refrain from toys with many small parts, these are easier to swallow for younger children and are easier to lose.


Non-Nappers is a program for children 4 and over who have outgrown their nap. Resting is a requirement for all children. If your child is a non-napper, he/she will rest quietly on their cot from 12:45-2 PM and then go to another room to do quiet activities from 2-3 PM. Children who fall asleep will not be awakened to go to non-nappers and will be allowed to sleep until 3 PM.

Puddle Jumping space!

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Dry-Erase Boards

These whiteboards provide a brief summary of what the Puddle Jumpers do in the classroom each day and through naptimes. They are located next to the door on the shelf above coat hooks.

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Information Packet

Our Puddle Jumper information packet provides all of the necessary material you need to know about our room, whether enrolling a new child or how a process works.