About Our Center

North Broadway Children’s Center is a non-profit corporation run by a governing Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is composed of interested persons from the center, church, and community – Board members include parents of NBCC children, the NBCC Director, an NBCC staff representative, the Senior Pastor of the church, NBUMC congregation members, and select community members.


North Broadway is fortunate to have a well educated, energetic, and dedicated teaching staff.

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Board of Directors

The Board provides support to the Children’s Center in order to help carry out governing principles.

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Our administrative staff encourages a healthy, respectful, and positive work environment.

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Our Wonderful Families

Families are a very important part of our center, and we strongly encourage you to actively participate in center life.

Open Door Policy

You are always welcome to visit your child’s classroom. We encourage parents in all of our programs to come spend time with us – play during choice time, explore the sand box, share lunch time, or bring your own special talents to share. Observation windows are available for parents who may want to observe their child from outside the classroom.

Child Portfolios

Every child has a notebook with observations made by the teachers throughout the year. Important advancements, interesting comments or conversations, play-by-play interactions with friends, and photos of your child at play are just a few examples. The portfolio is always available for you to browse through by yourself or with your child.

Informal Conversations

Please always feel welcome to talk to your child’s teacher. If it is difficult to find time to talk when you are in the center, leave a note for your child’s teacher and she/he will call you at your convenience.

Parent Information Board

You can find a parent information board on the wall outside your child’s classroom. Look on the board for daily plans, announcements, field trip permission forms, photo and art displays and other items of interest. Parent information boards are also located in the hallway on either side of the front office.

Home Visits

Because we believe that home is the most important factor in a child’s development, we offer each of our families a home visit as they begin enrollment in a classroom. A home visit is a time for you and your child to get to know your child’s teacher better and to begin to build a connection between your home and the center.

Parent Involvement

Our center becomes richer as our families become more involved. We encourage you to participate in your child’s classroom and in the many social and educational functions planned for parents. View some of the many ways for parents to participate in NBCC activities.

Involvement Ideas

  • Attend a field trip
  • Volunteer to help with a family event
  • Join your child for lunch
  • Share an interest with a classroom
  • Organize a family event
  • Read to your child’s class
  • Join the Board of Directors

Parent Education Nights

Several times a year we host an informational evening for parents with topics as varied as behavior, literacy and nutrition. Your input on areas of interest is welcomed and encouraged.

Family Fun Nights

Come join us for “Fall Festival”, Children's Carnival, and our most famous “NBCC Art Show” and many other events throughout the year. Family Fun Nights are periodically added to the calendar.