Butterfly Room

The Butterfly Room is a full time preschool classroom with ages ranging from 3 years to 5 years old.

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The Butterfly Room employs a true emergent curriculum. Teachers observe and engage children in conversation, building lesson plans and projects around their interests. This approach allows for purposeful and meaningful learning for each individual child. We value family involvement and create a shared relationship. In addition, the teachers work with the children on fostering early social skills.

Teaching Philosophy

The children in the Butterfly Room learn through play, exploration, and experimentation. Mistakes and messes are a natural part of this process and make their experiences more meaningful and educational. Please send your child to school in loose-fitting play clothes that you are okay with getting dirty. This promotes independence and sets children up for success throughout the day.

Butterfly Teachers

Merritt Thompson

Butterfly Room Co-Lead Teacher

  • Joined NBCC:
    June 2014
  • Favorite Toy Growing Up:
    Once I learned to ride a bike, you couldnt keep me inside!
What do you love most about working with children?

Each child's creativity is different. I love observing a child take materials and activities, and take them in new and different directions. As an adult I feel like I get stuck in a small box of ideas, and children haven't created that box yet.

What are you complimented on most in your work?

I receive the most compliments from parents and peers, about my genuine interactions with children, being approachable, and having great relationships with children and their families.

What do you like to do outside of work?

My hobbies revolve around a busy social life of family, friends, my boyfriend, and my dog! My boyfriend, Adam, and I are also very into cars. We fix cheap cars for a small profit, and we also have a fast performance car, we race during the warm months of the year.

Sarah LeVan

Rainbow Room Lead Teacher

  • Joined NBCC:
    April 2013
  • Favorite Toy Growing Up:
    Barbies and Legos
What do you love most about working with children?

As a teacher I enjoy having meaningful conversations with children about what they experience in their everyday lives. I love watching them explore their environment, while learning from everything the world has to offer. I love to sing with children and explore open-ended art materials. I care about reading, dramatic play, scientific exploration and a strong connection with nature.

What are you complimented on most in your work?

I have always been praised on my supportive language in the classroom, and my connection with children and their families. I deeply value having a strong bond with children. I help support their emotional growth by listening to them, reflecting their feelings, and respecting them in every aspect of development.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love traveling and spending time with close friends and family. I am married and love to go camping/backpacking with my husband. We are currently remodeling our house that was built in 1930, and we are both huge movie buffs! I also create/make jewelry to sell at trunk shows in what little spare time I have.

Friend of the Week

Beginning in the fall, we will have one child each week who will be our “friend of the week.” This child will have a chance to bring in items that reflect their interests, their family, etc. and present these items to the group to explain why they are important to them. On a different day that week we will create a web, on which every child in the class will tell what they like about the friend of the week, or what makes them special. This builds on social relationships, as well as listening and speaking skills. And, the kids love it!

Our Turtles

We have two box turtle in our room, and they have lived in this class for 17 years!! The children enjoy being an active part in the daily care of the turtles, and the best way for them to do this is to be a “turtle feeder”. On the class website, as well as on a calendar outside the classroom door, you can find out when it will be your child's turn for this job. We ask that you bring food for them to eat on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A typical serving, per turtle, of their favorite foods: A few mealworms, 1-2 nightcrawlers, 1 hard boiled egg. They will also eat bananas, kiwi, and greens, but do not prefer them.

See where our Butterflies float!

Language & Communication Skills

We do not make the children apologize. Young children do not understand the concept of a genuine apology. Instead, you will hear the children in our room checking on a friend, and asking what they can do to help that person's body. This gives the child a chance to take responsibility for their actions, and the other child a chance to express their feelings about a situation.

We encourage negotiation skills by helping the children learn to “make a plan” for a toy or a turn in a space they may want to play in. When children first enter the room, we give many prompts in helping them reach an agreement, and they become more independent in this as they spend more time practicing!

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Dry-Erase Board

Located directly outside of our classroom, the parent board is where you will find information such as: weekly curriculum, classroom wish-list, daily schedule, and pertinent articles for parents.

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Shutterfly ShareSite App

Often our Koalas are doing adorable things as they learn and grow. We love sharing photos of those experiences. Our families can join our secure Shutterfly stream to view the photos.

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Information Packet

Our Butterfly information packet provides all of the necessary material you need to know about our room, whether enrolling a new child or how a process works.

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