NBCC Board of Directors

Who We Are

North Broadway Children’s Center is a non-profit corporation and the Board of Directors is the governing board for the center. The Board of Directors is composed of interested persons from the center, church and community. Board members include parents of NBCC children, the NBCC Director, an NBCC staff representative, the Senior Pastor of the church, NBUMC congregation members, and community members.

What We Do

As the governing board for NBCC, the Board of Directors provides support to the administration of the Children’s Center in order to better meet the needs of the population it serves. The responsibilities of the board include approving the annual budget, setting tuition and salaries, assisting with annual goals, discussing issues relevant to the center, and voting or setting policies as needed. Board of Directors members are expected to attend monthly meetings, act as liaisons for others in the Children’s Center community, and advise the Children’s Center administration as needed. The monthly meetings are open to the public. Executive sessions of board officers are confidential and not open to the public. Anyone may have an item placed on the agenda by contacting the Children’s Center Director or the Board Chairperson. A complete copy of the NBCC Code of Regulations is available in the office.

NBCC parents are welcome to attend any Board of Directors meetings.

NBCC Board of Directors 2017-18

NBCC Representatives

Name Title Email
Rachelle Bernhardt Chairwoman
Danielle Buckius Boardmember
Leigh Anne Williams Co-Chairwoman
Jill Nemeth Boardmember
Rebecca McCoy NBCC Director
Melissa Gass Star Room Lead Teacher

Community Representatives

Name Title Email
Sara Lang Boardmember
Karen Crockett Boardmember
Marcus Atha Senior Pastor
Terese Loudner Boardmember
Stephanie Baker Church Representative
Lauren Haas-Gehres Boardmember